• North America Tech Tour Coming to Fort Wayne Oct. 24 – 28 // Start Fort Wayne

    NIDIA Members, please take advantage of Start Fort Wayne (our new technology center located downtown) and their week long tech tour that runs from October 24th through the 28th. You can visit the agenda at www.startfortwayne.com/tech-tour. Start Fort Wayne’s mission is below:

    To build a new economy in Fort Wayne, we need to rely on those new ventures created by people whose sole purpose is to create a “new way.” A new way of life for them and their employees, new technology or inventions that makes the world a better place, and new markets that no one has even dreamed up yet. While large, established companies make up a vital part of our economy, entrepreneurs bring the energy and new life that can shake up everything.

    Entrepreneurs and small businesses provide 55% of all jobs in the United States, and they have created 66% of all new net jobs since the 1970s. Since 1990 large companies eliminated 4 million jobs, while small businesses created 8 million. And small businesses, in the right environments and markets, can grow to be world leaders. Think about how many Internet businesses you use on a daily basis that did not exist 20 years ago. It’s a new economy, built on the backs of startups and new ideas, and Fort Wayne needs to participate.

    Start Fort Wayne is building a thriving entrepreneur and high-growth tech community in northeast Indiana.

    Information technology has transformed our entire world, in every way. When one motivated student in a dorm room can create a multi-billion dollar company from scratch, it doesn’t matter where they live. With our great quality-of-life and low cost of living, there is no reason why the next Facebook, Twitter, Salesforce, or Microsoft couldn’t originate here. We need a vibrant tech startup community to help attract, retain, and fund those startup inventors here in our city.

    Start Fort Wayne considers itself a “start-up” that uses agile methods to achieve its goals. We are not trying to build a huge organization with overreaching pie-in-the-sky goals. Instead, we are looking to find the niches where we can serve the community the best, act quickly, and study the effects of what we do so that we can repeat and scale those ideas fast.



    David Augustine, Col (ret)
    Senior Vice President for Innovation / Business Development, Stryke Industries ( www.strykeindustries.com )
    Chairman of the Board, Northeast Indiana Defense Industry Association ( www.nidiaonline.org )
    LinkedIn Bio https://www.linkedin.com/in/david-augustine-820a7a87

  • Northeast Indiana Regional Partnership Launches New Website for Business and Talent Attraction


    Oct. 5, 2016

    FORT WAYNE, Ind. – The Northeast Indiana Regional Partnership announced today the launch of a new website developed to attract business and talent to the 11-county region.

    The website puts regional economic data at the forefront with infographics, maps, charts and metrics to fulfill the organization’s mission to build, market and sell Northeast Indiana to increase business investment. That data can then be customized and exported with the report builder feature, a personalized reporting tool that allows users to save, share and print information about the region.

    Users can learn about the strong economy and creative quality-of-life assets in Northeast Indiana’s 11 counties with an interactive map. People can also discover how affordable the region is by comparing the cost of living between Northeast Indiana communities and other communities in the country. Site selection consultants and corporate real estate professionals can easily find available buildings and certified shovel-ready sites.

    “Our goal was to build a website that showcases the pride we have in our region and the vibrant progress we are making,” said Courtney Tritch, vice president of marketing at the Northeast Indiana Regional Partnership. “We wanted to tell a unified story about all of the great initiatives that are shaping Northeast Indiana’s future and enabling us to attract the businesses and talent that will make us a top global competitor.”

    For talent attraction efforts, the website includes a brand new quality of life section illustrating what it’s like to live in Northeast Indiana. From arts and culture to dining and nightlife, users can watch videos, read vignettes and view imagery that show why living in Northeast Indiana is warm and welcoming.

    Britton Marketing + Design Group, located in Fort Wayne, developed the content strategy and provided design direction with the use of narrative imagery and engaging, vibrant colors.

    “Most of our clients sell lifestyle consumer goods. Because of this, we build brands in many ways, but emotive content is always central to our work. So when the Northeast Indiana Regional Partnership approached us, we were reluctant. Most economic-development efforts tend to be a bit more academic than the work we do. But the Partnership said they wanted emotion. They wanted to step outside the norm. In the time that we have worked with the Partnership, we have found them to be smart, persistent, and ambitious. We should all be proud to have a team like this working on our behalf. This website is another step forward to a better Northeast Indiana,” said Jeff Britton, co-owner of Britton Marketing + Design Group.

    Regional businesses, educators, non-profits and other organizations can also utilize the Our Story Project marketing materials or find recruitment resources to attract top talent on our way to becoming a region of one million people.

    The website caters to each user with responsive design for any device including desktop, laptop, tablet and mobile users. It also has accessibility features with a high contrast mode and text sizing options to make the website easier to read for users with disabilities.

    Reusser Design, located in Roanoke, designed the user experience (UX) and developed the website with a focus on interactivity and responsive design.

    “Everyone on the Reusser Design team is proud to be a small part in moving the region forward by developing the new Northeast Indiana Regional Partnership website. The content on the website is not only more accessible from any device, but also more engaging with charts, infographics, and great photography. We hope now that visitors from inside and outside of the region can better visualize the opportunity that is available to them here in Northeast Indiana,” said Nate Reusser, president of Reusser Design.

    To learn more about the Northeast Indiana Regional Partnership, visit the new website at www.neindiana.com.

    About the Northeast Indiana Regional Partnership

    The Northeast Indiana Regional Partnership was formed in 2006 to build a globally competitive economy in Northeast Indiana. It is a public-private partnership with the mission to build, market and sell Northeast Indiana to increase business investment. In 2010, the Partnership launched Vision 2020 to bring the region together around five key areas for economic growth: 21st Century Talent, Competitive Business Climate, Entrepreneurship, Infrastructure and Quality of Life. The Partnership supports 11 member counties: Adams, Allen, DeKalb, Huntington, Kosciusko, LaGrange, Noble, Steuben, Wabash, Wells and Whitley counties. For more information, visit www.neindiana.com.


    Courtney Tritch
    Vice President of Marketing
    Northeast Indiana Regional Partnership

  • Only 4 Days Left To Sign Up for the Fall NIDIA Mega Conference!

    The Fall 2016 NIDIA Mega Conference is next week and there are only a few days left to signup.  Registration is FREE, so don’t delay!

    Event Information

    WHEN: Friday

    Register Here

    View Mega Conference Schedule View SASPO New Buys Target List View SASPO Potential Buy List

    On behalf of the NIDIA Board, see you there!
    David L. Augustine, Chairman
    Northeast Indiana Defense Industry Association

  • The NIDIA BCC Fall Mega Conference is coming Next Week

    Fellow NIDIA Members, this fall, we are honored to host the Tinker AFB Strategic Alternative Sourcing Program Office (SASPO) at our conference. Many times in our quest to bring more defense work to NE Indiana, we find ourselves scouring across the nation for opportunities, typically through FedBizOpps. SASPO is another office you should be engaged with.

    SASPO, located within the Air Force Sustainment Center (AFSC), optimizes the alternate sourcing process and leverages opportunities for resolution of obsolescence issues enterprise-wide. SASPO accomplishes this through two mission elements: Source Development and Diminishing Manufacturing Sources and Material Shortages (DMSMS). Bottom line, SASPO saves the government money by finding efficient, quality companies like yours to provide additional vendors for single source parts and help solve parts shortages across the Air Force. If you remember our Strategic Doing event this past May, this is the time to strategically TEAM to see if you can be the next SASPO industry client to help make our Air Force more efficient. Randy Harris, the Program Manager of SASPO and two of his teammates will be at our conference supporting both a presentation and interactive booth for Q&A.

    And what about key note lunch speakers. Medal of Honor Recipient Sergeant Dakota L. Meyer, a United States Marine Corps veteran, – the military’s highest honor, and the New York Times best-selling author of Into the Fire: A Firsthand Account of the Most Extraordinary Battle in the Afghan War will be presenting to our combined annual luncheon group of Fort Wayne Base Community Council Members and Northeast Indiana Defense Industry Members. Dakota is also an entrepreneur, having founded a successful construction company in Kentucky. NIDIA exists to bring the best technology forward to warfighters like Dakota – this is a MUST attend event!

    In addition, CONEXUS’s Rich Murphy will speak about his new supplier database, CONEXUS ICON – something each NIDIA member should consider registering with. Please sign up early for our combined NIDIA – BCC event but NLT the 30th of September via this link. Our conference will be at IPFW in the International Ballroom!

    Event Information

    WHEN: Friday

    Register Here

    View Mega Conference Schedule View SASPO New Buys Target List View SASPO Potential Buy List

    On behalf of the NIDIA Board, see you there!
    David L. Augustine, Chairman
    Northeast Indiana Defense Industry Association

  • Why NE Indiana for Defense Pamphlet

    NIDIA Members,

    Thanks to the painstaking detail and endless hour from Carolyn Hatch and our friends from the Purdue Center for Regional Development, we now have our “Why NE Indiana for Defense” Version 1.0 published on our NIDIA site for download.  Just below the company photos on our home page is a link to this publication.  Please download and send out across everyone that impacts you or you impact in the defense world.  Tell them loud and clear, NE Indiana is the place to grow defense!  We will update this document each December so if you have ideas and or changes, please send them to:  info@nidiaonline.org .

    P.S.  We will distribute hard copy versions of this document at our October Mega Conference.


    David Augustine, Col (ret)
    Senior Vice President for Business Development, Stryke Industries  ( www.strykeindustries.com )
    Chairman of the Board, Northeast Indiana Defense Industry Association ( www.nidiaonline.org )
    LinkedIn Bio https://www.linkedin.com/in/david-augustine-820a7a87

     Stryke Industries, LLC
    3201 Stellhorn Road
    Fort Wayne, IN 46814
    DUNS:  078719397
    CAGE:  6UGN0