Taking the DOD call for innovation head on, Stryke, a highly specialized innovative solutions provider that addresses the most difficult and challenging issues our modern tactical vehicle fleet faces is a proud sponsor of the Lightweight Tactical Vehicle Summit in Detroit, Michigan from 16 to 18 March. At this event, Stryke, true to its creed, will provide an exclusive and interactive workshop on “Innovative-Technology Driven Advanced Materials, Manufacturing and Solutions”. Industry leading technology in the following areas, directly applicable to the next generation of tactical vehicles, will be outlined: amorphous metal casting, precision machining of super alloys, additive manufacturing, graphene nanotechnology and many other forms of disruptive innovation. These advanced solutions will provide significant advantages for our military of tomorrow, today! “Given our team’s intimate familiarity with the future roadmaps and challenges for lightweight tactical vehicles of the future; we answered the call and assembled the most advanced and disruptive technologies to aggressively push state-of-the-art solutions. We bring best athlete companies to the warfighter,” stated Christopher W. Rohe (Major – USAFR), Senior Vice President of Strategy and Co-Founder of Stryke Industries. This summit will bring together some of the military’s key decision makers in an intimate forum to give insight into future vehicle acquisition projects. Since fewer vehicle contract opportunities are available due to drawn down conflicts abroad and sequestration, the military must be more proactive in identifying best-value solution providers. This event will serve as an ideal platform for military decision makers to achieve that initiative. “The Stryke Team will display a host of technologies at this event by some very innovative companies” stated Van Flamion, President of Stryke. Stryke teammates include:

  • Materion – a global leader in specialty materials that will drive key advancements in the tactical vehicle fleet.
  • Visser Precision – a leader in additive and amorphous manufacturing technologies ready for tactical vehicles.
  • Nexotherm – a phase change cooling technology for vehicles, electronics and warfighter wear.
  • VazTek – a valveless engine technology which will transform the future of the tactical vehicle industry.
  • Recovery Force MORPH Technology – a futuristic wearable warfighter fatigue management device.
  • Enzyme Solutions – acclaimed hi-performance enzyme cleaning solutions for equipment, vehicles and aircraft.
  • Angstron Materials – the latest graphene materials/technology trends as covered by the Discovery Channel.
  • Disc-O-Bed – the patented bed system, which delivers a good night’s sleep even during the extremes of combat.
  • Microchips Biotech – a revolutionary, implanted medicine delivery technology for the future warfighter.

“In addition, our acclaimed HR development firm, xcelHR will discuss providing amazing bright and talented Stryke personnel to service global defense needs” Mr. Flamion stated. Join the vehicles community as we come together to learn best practices, programs and processes for 2015 and beyond. This will be a rare opportunity to speak with such a broad range of program managers, while meeting future clients within this hard-to-reach military vehicles community. To access the full agenda or to register for the conference, visit www.lighttacticalvehiclesummit.com.