Stryke Industries, a highly specialized business development firm, is excited to announce its newest client, Disc-O-Bed, the designers and producers of a patented, rapid-deployable, bunk-style,  ruggedized sleep solution for our warfighters utilized across the globe.  On behalf of our Client, Stryke manages a coherent strategy of business development actions from research & development, capture planning, and customer engagement.. 

 Disc-O-Bed is the leader in providing sleep solutions in extreme conditions, environments our warfighters find themselves all too often.  Disc-O-Bed’s patented ready-to-go sleep system delivers the best night’s sleep possible for the extremes of real life. Designed for the demands of disaster relief, troop deployment, outdoor enthusiasts and in-home users alike, the Disc-Bed ensures you rest comfortably wherever space is at a premium. Disc-O-Bed President Douglas Owen stated “Disc-O-Bed is proven to withstand the challenges of combat environments.  We receive positive validations daily from those that have used this technology while deployed.”  A recent soldier stated “I’ve had to lay my head down is some interesting places, but I remember your portable bunk bed cot as one of my most comfortable.”  Disc-O-Beds have also excelled in humanitarian relief by providing medical Ebola Beds and accessory support during the recent Ebola outbreak in West Africa.

 “A sleep solution for the toughest of conditions, the Arm-O-Bunk, Disc-O-Bed’s combat bunk was developed specifically to U.S.  Department of Defense specifications, addressing the need for rapid deployment, minimal footprint, and comfortable strength for U.S. troops” stated Aaron Pence, Account Executive for the Stryke Disc-O-Bed Team. “Their solution is modular, portable, compact and ultra-strong” stated Aaron.

 Disc-O-Bed’s patented disc system allows for quick, no tool assembly, adjusts to uneven ground and is wider than any standard cot.  Bunkable to maximize floor space, it converts to a sitting bench or two single cots with no mattress required.   Disc-O-Beds are durable, water and stain resistant and fully collapse neatly into a canvas carry bag for easy transportation.  They can come with accessories such as a footlocker, IV stand, mosquito net, cabinet and soon-to-be Disco Tent.

 Van Flamion, President of Stryke Industries stated “From the moment we met the Team at Disc-O-Bed, we knew this system was a game changer for warfighter sleep quality”.  A study validated by a recent report by the Defense Center of Excellence for Psychological Health said sleep problems were prevalent in the military.  Van further stated, “Combat doesn’t have to mean terrible sleep conditions when you have the technology of a Disc-O-Bed in your tent”.

Questions on this release can be sent to or call 260-407-1755.