NIDIA Members – the following information and attachment was provided by Kim Tempel at Northeast Indiana Works. Her contact information is below.

From Kim:

Click here for a flyer that outlines details of the program expansion including the temporary changes, thanks to the Rapid Recover for a Better Future Initiative funded by the CARES Act.  Here are some important pieces to highlight:

  • Employers may apply or reapply by visiting, or have them e-mail me directly, if they have been issued an agreement this last program year (July 1, 2019 – March 30, 2020).  I encourage you to apply quickly!  Let’s keep Northeast Indiana #1 of employers benefiting from this program!
  • Previous program years, the funding required a 6 month retention prior to eligibility for reimbursement.  This has been waived!  Employers approved for training reimbursement may submit an invoice after the trainee has completed 40 hours of training.
  • Invoices submitted by employers for reimbursement must be submitted for processing by November 30 (this is the Monday after Thanksgiving so my person suggestion would be to have the invoices submitted prior to the company contact leaving for Thanksgiving break).  If not submitted by this deadline, it is highly likely that their reimbursement won’t be processed and will not get reimbursed.
  • Reimbursable amount available to employers is temporarily increased to $100,000.  The max reimbursement per person remains $5,000.

Please let me know how I may be able to assist or help answer any questions.

Kim Tempel
Sr. Director of Business Services/Human Resources
Northeast Indiana Works