SORDAC (Special Operations Research Development Acquisition Center) will have their TE 15-3 (Technical Experimentation) at Muscatatuk Urban Warfare Center on or about 16 to 26 June 2015 with an emphasis on urban/unconventional warfare. This is an opportunity for business to show off their products and gain feedback from real SOF operators. This may lead to a future government contract but is designed to be more of a venue to showcase, test and improve various products through collaboration (think engineers attending versus marketing). Once the RFI is posted (end of February to the middle of March )on the SORDAC web site (listed below), businesses will have approximately one month to do a short 1 page white paper. Once you submit your white paper, SORDAC will condense them into a “white paragraph,” and send to Special Operation Forces (SOF) units. If a minimum of one unit is interested in seeing in the product/technology, the business will be invited to the event. Once at the event, businesses will be reviewed/assessed by at least one SOF member (often many others as well). This is an Unclassified event. For more information on this event, please visit the SORDAC website: