Below is a summary of the Purdue Technical Assistance (TAP) program, a service through Purdue University that is available to Indiana businesses.

Click here to download a PDF of the TAP flier.

Purdue Technical Assistance Program:  This program provides 40-hours of externally-funded project support using Purdue faculty.  Your business would be eligible to participate in this program each calendar year.  Projects beyond the 40-hour funding limit can be quoted.  This program is good for short-term (acute) projects for which we can develop a well-defined scope.  We have completed projects in areas ranging from information technology, software selection, materials engineering, plant layout, human resources and other areas.

If there are any NIDIA members who are interested in exploring this program, please contact Sean Ryan. Sean’s contact information is below

Sean Ryan
Director, Office of Engagement
Purdue University Fort Wayne
Indiana University
Purdue University
Office:  260-481-0286
Cell:  260-452-4318