In 2008, the Department of Defense (DOD) spent $8 billion on contracts that were performed by companies and organizations across Indiana. Last year, contracts across the state amounted to $2.5 billion. This drop in government spending has severely impacted manufacturing firms in the defense supply chain and communities where defense contractors are located. In response, the Purdue Technology Assistance Program (TAP) along with the Purdue Center for Regional Development (PCRD) have announced the Defense Manufacturing Assistance Program (DMAP). DMAP is a partnership of the Universities of Michigan, Ohio State and Purdue and is being funded as part of a $2.4 million grant secured from the DOD, Office of Economic Assistance. The goal of DMAP is to maintain and retain the critical manufacturing infrastructure, capacity and capabilities to meet national security priorities across Michigan, Ohio and Indiana — a region that is vital to our nation’s defense and security. In Indiana, DMAP helps small to mid-sized manufacturers find new markets, stabilize their businesses and implement diversification strategies by leveraging Purdue Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MEP) services and subject matter experts. Purdue MEP is now accepting inquires for DMAP partnership projects by Indiana defense manufacturers who meet the following criteria: small to medium size defense contractor (35-1000 employees) or supplier to the defense industry with at least 5 percent reduction in sales, production or employment within the past 24 months (or imminent threat of reduction in the immediate future), ability to cost share on projects (capped at $25,000) and a management team dedicated to diversification and growth. The DMAP MEP partnership focus areas are core strengthening, market diversification and new technology commercialization. Projects will be selected by Purdue MEP with an emphasis on projects with high-potential outcomes.

About Purdue MEP

The Purdue Manufacturing Extension Partnership, a business unit of the Purdue Technical Assistance Program (TAP), provides high-value solutions to help Indiana businesses maximize their success by increasing profits, reducing costs and implementing growth systems. We serve more than 500 companies annually by implementing continuous improvement principles in the areas of productivity, growth and technology. Purdue MEP has helped our clients collectively achieve over $1 billion of economic impact since 2005.

About PCRD

The Purdue Center for Regional Development pioneers new ideas and strategies that contribute to regional collaboration, innovation and prosperity, with four main program areas: Data for Decision Makers, Collaborative Leadership, Strategy and Planning, Economic Development and Business Growth. We have projects and programming in more than 50 Indiana communities and in 63 of the 92 counties across the state.

DMAP Contacts

John Blignaut Purdue TAP 317-275-6816 Carolyn Hatch PCRD 765-496-6508 Source Carolyn Hatch