Fellow NIDIA Members, when I think of NIDIA I think of an agile, fast moving organization that is reflective of the needs of our membership. Our second major enhancement to our website by our amazingly talented Web Designer, Wes DeKoninck, the Digital Marketing Manager for Saal Advertising, Inc. is now live. What is referred to as Version 1.2, it includes performance enhancements, style adjustments and an all new member organization enrollment and management system.

Website enhancements include:

  • New backend framework structure to allow for better mobile responsiveness and improved performance.
  • Addition of new subtle animations to several elements of the site for improved aesthetics.
  • Added additional Board Of Directors positions to “About Us”.
  • Added a new event calendar with enhanced calendar and agenda functionality as well as improved event search features.
  • Improved NIDIA Member Directory layout with new alpha-index for searching.
  • Improved Membership enrollment form and automated billing/enrollment process including: automated directory listing addition upon completed enrollment payment, new email confirmation notices and automatic recurring subscription based annual renewal of NIDIA membership.

We hope you enjoy the new and improved NIDIAonline.org website.

Please sign up ASAP for the 17 April Mega conference and provide feedback during the open forum on our website upgrades. See you there and congratulations Wes on a job extremely well done!

Dave Augustine, Col (ret)
NIDIA Chairman of the Board