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As a leader in expeditionary and stationary microgrid technology from 10 kilowatts to 5 megawatts, GoE’s systems are built in one system that is commissioned prior to shipment and easily deployed to the customer site. Based on open protocols for communication and controls coupled with the pre-commissioned system, the GoE solution is up and running with cyber security in days and not months, leading to faster beneficial use for the customer. With a Go Electric solution, the customer has the energy resiliency to operate business “as-is” during power outages, brown outs, and off-grid scenarios. Go Electric’s integrated solutions –  LYNC Secure®, LYNC DR®, Hive, and BµG™ –  are highly flexible, modular, and scalable, which allow customers to customize their microgrid to best meet their needs from a tested and validated platform. This provides resilience quickly without the long lead times of other industry systems. The National Renewable Energy Lab in Golden, CO tested one 75 kW / 19 kWh system for third party verification through the Wells Fargo IN2 program. The tests validated Go Electric’s unique islanding capabilities, as well as it ability to receive utility dispatch for grid services.