About This Member

At DIVaero, we are experts in engineering design, and re-design of sophisticated aerospace and defense electronic modules or assemblies. Working closely with our customers to develop new products or bring obsolete products back to life keeps our engineering team abreast of new technologies and ever-evolving manufacturing techniques. Using a multi-disciplined approach and many decades of hands-on experience, DIVaero has fine-tuned the process of managing the detailed program requirements for new product introductions (NPI) and seamlessly transitioning to prototype and production methodologies. Our systems and processes are purposefully designed to accommodate the rigorous technical and quality requirements of aerospace electronics.

Assembling a staff of qualified and experienced electrical/hardware, software, and mechanical engineers with hands on experience in both circuit board fabrication and electronic assembly was a calculated, intentional evolution. Our solutions can incorporate circuit design, PCB layout, software and firmware development, mechanical design, prototyping, test fixture development and methodology, electronic assembly, and systems integration/box build. We utilize powerful design automation tools such as SolidWorks, Altium and AutoCAD to generate Gerber artwork, 3D models, solid models, verification, and validation.

Employing the latest equipment and software, we manage complex electronic module designs and transition them into fully documented production units with complete traceability. We have a highly effective AS9100D certified quality system guiding our company’s maturation and growth. Approval for use is verified to IPC Class 2, Class 3 or Class 3+ standards. Utilizing PCB/PCBA laboratory validation, testing and forensic analysis elevates our team with advanced technical insights, knowledge and problem-solving abilities that afford Aerospace and Military customers an advantage when they need to understand why an issue may occur or how to prevent an issue from occurring on their project.

Contact us any time to learn more about our extensive background in aerospace electronics or arrange a consultation.