• Stryke Industries Announces Newest Client, Enzyme Solutions, Inc.

    Stryke Industries, a highly specialized business development firm, is excited to announce its newest client, Enzyme Solutions, Inc. (ESI), a pioneer in “green” cleaning technologies. On behalf of our client, Stryke manages a coherent strategy of business development actions from research & development, capture planning, and end-customer engagement.

    ESI is a Garrett, Indiana based manufacturer of enzymes and enzyme products, many of which are EPA ‘Design for the Environment and Safer Choice’ program compliant. Enzymes are all natural, environmentally friendly, and in certain cases, actually help the task of cleaning the waste and toxic by–products of manufacturing and everyday life.  For years, enzymes have been used in the medical, dental, textile, cleaning and food industries and can even be tailored for use in pest control. Enzyme Solutions has developed safe, powerful cleaning products for almost every segment of the government at an efficient cost.

    ESI’s goal is to have the best performing products in the Federal Marketplace to include the Veteran’s Administration, DOD and others. ESI CEO Tim Beck stated “By using enzymes instead of chemicals, we can maintain the living standards we have today while preserving our environment for our children.”  He went on to say “Teaming with Stryke provides us great opportunities to evolve government applications for our safe and environmentally responsible products.”

    “In the ultra-competitive cleaning solution marketplace, Enzyme Solutions’ future is seemingly boundless.” stated Aaron Pence, Account Executive for the Stryke Enzyme Solutions Team. “The fact that they quickly gained compliance with the new EPA Safer Choice program speaks volumes for their commitment to green cleaning solutions and environmental protection for our future”.

    Van Flamion, President of Stryke Industries stated “Enzyme Solutions, Inc. is committed to providing effective solutions that are environmentally friendly!  We applaud this great Hoosier Company and will work closely with their team as we answer the President’s Executive Order to expand these products across the government.” Van further stated, “There are literally hundreds of applications for these high quality enzyme solutions.”

    Questions on this release can be sent to publicaffairs@strykeindustries.com or call 260-407-1755.

  • Stryke Industries Announces Newest Client, Disc-O-Bed™

    Stryke Industries, a highly specialized business development firm, is excited to announce its newest client, Disc-O-Bed, the designers and producers of a patented, rapid-deployable, bunk-style,  ruggedized sleep solution for our warfighters utilized across the globe.  On behalf of our Client, Stryke manages a coherent strategy of business development actions from research & development, capture planning, and customer engagement.. 

     Disc-O-Bed is the leader in providing sleep solutions in extreme conditions, environments our warfighters find themselves all too often.  Disc-O-Bed’s patented ready-to-go sleep system delivers the best night’s sleep possible for the extremes of real life. Designed for the demands of disaster relief, troop deployment, outdoor enthusiasts and in-home users alike, the Disc-Bed ensures you rest comfortably wherever space is at a premium. Disc-O-Bed President Douglas Owen stated “Disc-O-Bed is proven to withstand the challenges of combat environments.  We receive positive validations daily from those that have used this technology while deployed.”  A recent soldier stated “I’ve had to lay my head down is some interesting places, but I remember your portable bunk bed cot as one of my most comfortable.”  Disc-O-Beds have also excelled in humanitarian relief by providing medical Ebola Beds and accessory support during the recent Ebola outbreak in West Africa.

     “A sleep solution for the toughest of conditions, the Arm-O-Bunk, Disc-O-Bed’s combat bunk was developed specifically to U.S.  Department of Defense specifications, addressing the need for rapid deployment, minimal footprint, and comfortable strength for U.S. troops” stated Aaron Pence, Account Executive for the Stryke Disc-O-Bed Team. “Their solution is modular, portable, compact and ultra-strong” stated Aaron.

     Disc-O-Bed’s patented disc system allows for quick, no tool assembly, adjusts to uneven ground and is wider than any standard cot.  Bunkable to maximize floor space, it converts to a sitting bench or two single cots with no mattress required.   Disc-O-Beds are durable, water and stain resistant and fully collapse neatly into a canvas carry bag for easy transportation.  They can come with accessories such as a footlocker, IV stand, mosquito net, cabinet and soon-to-be Disco Tent.

     Van Flamion, President of Stryke Industries stated “From the moment we met the Team at Disc-O-Bed, we knew this system was a game changer for warfighter sleep quality”.  A study validated by a recent report by the Defense Center of Excellence for Psychological Health said sleep problems were prevalent in the military.  Van further stated, “Combat doesn’t have to mean terrible sleep conditions when you have the technology of a Disc-O-Bed in your tent”.

    Questions on this release can be sent to publicaffairs@strykeindustries.com or call 260-407-1755.

  • Stryke Industries Announces Newest Client, Scorpion Computer Services

    Fort Wayne, IN – Stryke Industries, a highly specialized business development firm, is excited to announce its newest client, Scorpion Computer Services. As part of the Scorpion Computer Services team, Stryke Industries will manage a coherent strategy of business development actions from research and development, capture planning, customer engagement, contract writing and product delivery.

    Scorpion Computer Services, is led by Walter O’Brien (hacker name: “Scorpion”) a prodigy with an IQ of 197. At the age of 13, he started his company ScorpionComputerServices.com. O’Brien has mitigated risk for 7 years on $1.9 trillion of investments and has invented and applied Artificial Intelligence engines to protect United States war fighters in Afghanistan. Since 1988, O’Brien’s team of world class experts partner with clients on a global basis, across industries, to add real measurable value in mission-critical initiatives from planning, to execution, to running the business. O’Brien’s senior management has a collective knowledge of more than 413 technologies, 210 years in IT, and 1,360 projects. O’Brien himself has created over 177 unique technology inventions including ScenGen and WinLocX and is one of the world’s leading experts in the application of computer science and artificial intelligence to solve complex industry challenges.

    With Stryke’s 118 years of military service combined with Scorpion’s military track record having deployed ScenGen to the Air Force, the Navy and DISA the team brings the value the brings the value of warfighter service on the front lines, the strength of national engagement and the determination to integrate disruptive technologies across the federal government.

    O’Brien is a frequent public speaker for Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) and serves as a mentor at the Founder Institute, the world’s largest idea-stage incubator. O’Brien has worked with the world’s largest mutual fund company, Fujitsu, Microsoft-Trados, Oracle Corporation, Baltimore Technologies, and Critical Path. Walter currently serves as chairman or board member for Indi.com, Strike Force Solutions, Talentorum Alliance, Lawloop, Pantheon Energy and previously has served on the boards of companies such as American Environmental Energy, Starglobe and Toin Corp. In addition, Scorpion is frequently called on by news media, the government and the federal court system for his technology expertise.

    “Walter O’Brien was born and raised in Ireland and at 16, ranked first in national high speed computer problem solving competitions” stated Van Flamion, Co-founder and President of Stryke Industries. “This is exactly the caliber of teammate Stryke Industries needed. The best of the best in disruptive computing, disruptive code writing, program management and a host of other technologies.”

    At 18, O’Brien competed in the World Olympics in Informatics and has ranked as high as the sixth fastest programmer in the world. He received a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence with honors from Sussex University in the United Kingdom. The U.S. Department of Homeland Security has certified O’Brien as being of National Interest to the United States economy and granted him an Extraordinary Ability EB 1-1 Visa (also granted to Albert Einstein and Winston Churchill).

    “In our IT division, it isn’t our goal to add in game maintainers, we want game changers,” explained David Augustine, the Senior Vice President for Business Development. “Walter O’Brien and his Team are just that. Stryke is committed to teaming with innovators like Scorpion Computer Services that are driven to provide great solutions for our military, homeland defense agencies and across the federal market place.”

    Stryke is in the business of growing defense companies and the partnership with Scorpion Computer Services will allow these companies to achieve their goals focusing on their final warfighter solution.

  • Stryke Industries Announces New Account Executive

    Stryke Industries, a highly specialized business development firm, is excited to announce their newest member of the team, Aaron Pence, as a global Account Executive. “Aaron will be focusing on growth strategies, creative collaboration, and providing outstanding support across a rich portfolio of valued clients.” stated Van Flamion, President of Stryke Industries. “Our current growth path has necessitated the move to bring aboard this caliber of talent. Aaron is very excited to be on the Stryke Team, and as expected, has hit the ground running.”

    Prior to joining Stryke, Aaron was an Integrated Product Team Lead for BAE Systems, focusing on aftermarket repairs, upgrades, and overhauls for military and commercial aircraft engine control systems. Mr. Pence’s focus will be on growth strategies, creative collaboration, and providing outstanding support across a rich portfolio of valued clients. His rich experience includes managing two Integrated Product Teams (IPT) that included 24 Engine Control and Aircraft Electronics Programs forecasting over $27 million in sales for Aftermarket Repairs in 2014. Mr. Pence is a distinguished graduate from the Academy of Military Science where he received his commission, a John L. Levitow Award Winner at the Non-Commissioned Officer Academy and the BAE Chairman’s Gold Award Recipient. Aaron is also the former President of the Junior Enlisted Council at the 122nd Fighter Wing and Past Post Commander, VFW Post 10205. Mr. Pence holds a Bachelor of Science Degree (Summa Cum Laude) from the Indiana Institute of Technology, two Associates Degrees in Aviation Maintenance Technology and Avionic Systems from the Community College of the Air Force and holds a Professional Manager Certification. He is currently completing his MBA in Management.

    Stryke Industries is a defense business development firm and solutions provider committed to growing companies that are devoted to delivering quality products to the warfighter. Deep consideration was given to the current teammates and the warfighter when making this strategic decision for the Stryke team as a whole. “Aaron brings tremendous capability in creating opportunities and fostering relationships across Stryke Team Members and defense leaders – it is an extreme understatement to say I am thrilled to have him on board” stated Chris Rohe, Senior Vice President of Strategy for Stryke Industries.

    To learn more about Stryke Industries, please visit http://www.strykeindustries.com

  • Free OSHA Training Available with INSafe Scholarships

    Hoosier companies and public works departments in need of health and safety training for their employees now have an opportunity to save money with INSafe scholarships available through a partnership between Team Quality Services,Inc., of Auburn, and the Indiana Department of Labor (DOL). The courses are being offered at five locations around the state to help Hoosier businesses create and maintain safe and healthy workplace environments that are compliant with the standards of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). Both 10-hour and 30-hour OSHA training is available in the areas of construction or general industry. For more information on topics and dates,view the list of upcoming training sessions at the various Indiana locations that is included on second page of this announcement. A limited number of full-course INSafe scholarships is available to Indiana businesses that employ 250 or fewer employees, as well as to woman-owned businesses, minority-owned businesses and public sector workforces. Successful applicants will receive a fully-paid scholarship that will include course registration and materials. These scholarships,which are being made possible by the Indiana DOL as part of a goal to increase its occupational safety and health training reach throughout the state,provide critical training to employers and employees who may otherwise not be able to afford to participate in these training courses. Interested individuals may apply for the scholarships through the Team Quality website: teamqualityservices.com/insafe-application  Team Quality Services worked closely with the Indiana Procurement Technical Assistance Center (PTAC) to identify the INSafe contract opportunity as well as training space throughout the state. The PTAC coordinated with the Indiana Small Business Development Center (ISBDC} network to allow Team Quality Services to utilize training facilities at the various ISBDC regional centers.”Utilizing resources the State already has paid for only makes sense,” commented Chris Straw, president ofTeam Quality Services. Team Quality Services also brought in the help of Safer Worker Systems,a certified Minority Business Enterprise (MBE), to assist in execution of the contract. “I am excited to work together with Team Quality Services to promote safety throughout Indiana,” said Thomas Black, owner of Safer Worker Systems, which is based in Fort Wayne. Team Quality Services is a Service Disabled,Veteran Owned Business (SDVOB) and an industry leader in third­ party quality and safety services for manufacturing, energy and construction industries. With offices in the U.S.,Canada and Mexico,Team Quality Services offers a comprehensive line of services designed to improve product quality and safety throughout the supply chain. View Full Press Release